A Guide to Surfing in Maine

Surfer in silhouette doing aerial on wave during practice for world championship

Surfing in Maine is more popular than you would think! Go up north, and loads of empty beaches and hidden rock reefs have yet to be added to any surf map. Further south, there’s a developing surf scene, mainly oriented around the famous river mouth in Ogunquit and the winter swell-magnet bay of Gooch’s Beach. That area also comes interspersed with some fantastic beginner beaches, like York, which offer endless peaks and lots of mush to practice on.

Fall and winter take the win as the best times to surf on the east coast because of the continuous northerly winds and lots of S-SE swells, thanks to the Caribbean hurricane belt.

Here are a few beaches in Maine that would make great spots to try out some east coast surfing this year! 

Gooch’s Beach

Gooch’s Beach is the main beach in Kennebunk (in fact, it’s sometimes referred to as Kennebunk Beach). Come the New England winter and the arrival of the NW winds courtesy of the regular blizzard cyclones, the spot manages to suck up nice S swells from the mid-Atlantic and combine them with consistent offshores. It will be freezing, but you’ll be gifted with fast, challenging drop-ins to often-hollow tubes.

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach runs north of the Ogunquit Rivermouth. It’s a long, sandy stretch with banks that move during the storm season, meaning you never really know if it will all be mush or if there will be shape and A-frame beachies to contend with. It works well with medium-sized fall swells, which turn the whole spot into a fun party.

Long Sands/York Beach

Long Sands is the last stretch of uninterrupted beach before the Maine-NH state line. Facing almost east, with a slight hint of the south, it can catch, but hits on storm swells in the midwinter. It’s the epitome of a New England beach break, with many mediocre peaks. A longer board here is needed to manage the cruisy, fatter swells.

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