Outdoor Activities for Your Fall Bucket List

family in pumpkin patch

It’s officially autumn, and although hot summer days basking in the sun are behind us, there are still plenty of fun outdoor activities the fall season has to offer! Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, a food lover, a photographer, or simply looking for things to keep your children entertained, there’s a festive fall activity for everyone.

Here are a few outdoor activities to add to your fall bucket list this season!

Fall Foliage Drive

Pack up your whole family and spend a few hours driving through the fall foliage on long country roads or through the mountains. It’s a perfect opportunity to get some amazing photos and enjoy the vibrant colors of the changing leaves that only happens in autumn.

Apple Picking

Take a day trip to pick your very own apples. There are pick-your-own farms all across the US, and many offer other fun fall activities and tasty treats while you’re there. You’ll get a basket to store all your precious fruit, and you can usually explore the orchard by yourself, climbing into the trees on ladders to choose which apples you want to bring home with you.

You can create many recipes with freshly picked apples, from pies and strudels to sauces and spreads. Spend the day with your friends or family experimenting with festive recipes.

Corn Maze

Corn mazes are for all ages! Classic corn mazes are great for kids and families, but you can also find much more difficult corn mazes that are appropriate for teens and adults. Head to a fall corn maze with friends and celebrate its completion with a trip to a local brewery afterward for some festive spirits!

Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing like picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Take a day trip with your loved ones to a rural pumpkin patch within your area. You might even get lucky and get a chance to enjoy a hayride or feed some farm animals while you’re there.

If you want to kick the fall festivities up a notch, Maine is a beautiful place to visit during autumn! Maine is known for its gorgeous fall foliage, with plenty of activities and festivals happening during this magical time of year.

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