5 Beach Activities to Try This Summer

Friends playing with frisbee at beach on sunny day

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your trips to the beach! If you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, there’s a lot more you’re missing out on.

Here are five activities to try at the beach this summer with your family and friends!

1) Have a Picnic

There are always a lot of food vendors near popular beaches, but sometimes it’s nice to pack yourself a picnic and indulge on the beach. If you’re going with a big group, make it a fun and creative potluck where everyone can contribute an easy dish—a variety of foods makes for a great beach picnic.

2) Look for Dolphins

Many beaches offer the chance to see dolphins right from the shore if you know what you’re looking for and when to look. Do a little research to see if your beaches apply and if so, check the best times to visit. Don’t forget your camera!

3) Play Frisbee

Frisbee is a classic beach game that people never get tired of enjoying together. There’s only one prop needed, and it’s very easy and cheap to get. You can even play with your dog if you’re on a pet-friendly beach. There are also more advanced versions like Frisbee golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and kan Jam, but the basic version will do just fine.

4) Go Window Shopping

Most beaches are in quaint beach towns. These towns are fun to explore and stroll through, as they typically have several stores along the beach. Spend time browsing when you’re ready to get out of the sun and grab some ice cream or saltwater taffy!

5) Rent a Waterfront Motel

Sometimes a day trip to the beach is not enough. Make it a mini-vacation and stay a few days at a waterfront motel! At Sands by the Sea, we have a gorgeous view of the York Beach waterfront in Maine. Whether you are planning a family vacation to the shores of the Atlantic, a relaxing and romantic getaway with your sweetheart, or a fun-filled trip with friends, we have the accommodations to keep you comfortable and blown away by fun activities and incredible views.

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Planning A Summer Trip to Maine

Want lobster shacks, sandy beaches, and historic lighthouses? Maine has everything for your perfect getaway this summer. Whether you are planning a family trip or a romantic getaway with your significant-other, Maine has much to offer.

Maine is well known for its seafood, particularly it’s lobster. To most people, seafood is considered a delicacy, reserved for special occasions. For locals living by the freshest marinas and seafood markets, seafood is just a way of life. Immerse yourself in the culture that is Maine by eating where the locals eat.  

Here are some places you should visit during your trip:nubble lighthouse in maine

The York Beach Bucket

When you come to York Beach, ME be sure to stop into the York Beach Bucket. This modern-day general store/ pizzeria /café/ wine & beer stop offers it all. To-go or dine-in on the oceanfront patio, fish sandwiches, lobster mac n cheese balls, chicken, burgers, subs, amazing handmade pizza and on-site dining and drinking! The York Beach Bucket is a truly unique, family friendly place to shop and eat. Right across the street from Short Sands Beach and walkable to all the local attractions. Most of which are listed right here on this blog.

Fishermen’s Dock

During your adventure in York, ME be sure not to miss out on Fishermen’s Dock.  This restaurant offers it all; dine-in, take-out, fish markets, and bars! Fisherman’s Dock is a gem- or perhaps a pearl is more appropriate. They pride themselves on serving the freshest seafood.

York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo

This popular attraction is great for a family- oriented vacation. Not only is the zoo a way to see exciting wild animals, but they also have an amusement park. With over 22 rides, arcade games and a mini-golf course, you are sure to find exciting and interactive activities at the zoo. 

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is home to many beautiful sights and natural wonders. From hiking trails to beaches and mountain ranges- Acadia National Park has many amazing natural attractions. This historical national park is one of the most visited parks in the United States. If you are visiting Maine, this is a site that you should visit.

Wiggly Bridge Distillery

This family operated distillery is your key to authentic York, Maine culture. Visit this distillery to learn about how this family started making their own whiskey. They have received several awards for their exceptional whiskey, bourbon, and vodka. Make this a destination during your stay at the Sands by the Sea Motel. Only a 3-minute walk!

York Beach Beer Companyplan a fishing trip to Maine

If the Southern Maine Brewery in York Maine was excellent enough, now the owners have opened a new location right down on Short Sands! The York Beach Beer Company has renovated the old brick post office that has been vacant for 25 years and turned it into a state-of-the-art brewery. They are offering a number of the flagship IPA’s from the SoMe Brewing Company and are now focused on exciting new, lower ABV and lighter styled, beach-oriented, crushable beers. From their amazing new Pilsners to their incredibly tasty Kölsch’s, anyone and everyone will be able to find a beer that fits them just right. If not, then order a pallet and try them all! If you get hungry at the brewery remember, The York Beach Bucket delivers pizza here too!

One of the most important aspects of a vacation is where you stay! When traveling to Maine, stay at the Sands by the Sea Motel. With beautiful oceanfront views and comfortable amenities for all stay types, the Sands by the Sea Motel is the perfect location to begin your vacation.

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