The Best State Parks to Visit in Maine

iew of Camden Harbor from Mt. Battie, in Camden Hills State Park, Maine

With summer in full swing, it’s time to break out the hiking boots and immerse yourself in gorgeous natural beauty. The great state of Maine is home to various scenic state parks that offer a wide array of unique adventures and activities.

Here are a few of the best state parks to visit in Maine!

Two Lights State Park

Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth is named for the presence of twin lighthouses, one of which is still functioning today. On-site, there is a gift shop and full-service restaurant where visitors can eat fresh seafood at outdoor picnic tables and take a walk on the rocky coastline where they can watch fishermen catching Stripers or lobstermen hauling in their traps offshore.

Camden Hills State Park

Camden Hills State Park is located a few minutes north of Camden, a quintessential New England town featuring shops within walking distance to the working harbor. The park is particularly popular amongst birdwatchers and bird-lovers because it is a retreat for migrating hawks and other bird species. It’s not uncommon to spot great blue herons, ospreys, or even a bald eagle! A drive or hike up Mount Battie, 800 feet above sea level, offers visitors spectacular views of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay.

Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park is one of Maine’s original five state parks and a great place to relax and enjoy the 800 acres of forest it has to offer. Spend a day or afternoon exploring trails, taking in the magnificent view from the summit, or enjoying a picnic under a canopy of trees. Bradbury Mountain is the only state park in southern Maine to offer shared-use trails for horseback riders, mountain bikers, and snowmobilers.

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Hiking Trails to Explore This Fall in Southern Maine

Group hiking at sunrise

If you’re taking a trip to Southern Maine this fall, you’ll be fortunate to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country.

Whether it be the many colorful leaves in the area, the grand lighthouses or the many hiking trails, you’ll be sure to take in several sites that are well worth the trip.

If you enjoy getting out into nature and want to get the most out of your fall vacation, consider exploring these three hiking trails that you’ll be sure to remember for years to come.

Turtle Loop at Mount Agamenticus

The Mount Agamenticus Conservation Region spans 10,000 acres and has over 7 miles of hiking trails for nature lovers. Of the several trails to explore in the region, Turtle Loop is widely considered the one you can’t miss.

A 2.2-mile moderate trail, you’ll be able to take in several scenic views on the loop, including one from the summit of Mount Agamenticus.

Mount Agamenticus may not be the biggest mountain, but its summit offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of coastal York that is only enhanced during the fall season. The loop is great for hikers of any experience level and will be an ideal place to take your family.

Highland Farm Preserve

Another popular trail in Southern Maine is Highland Farm Preserve. A 1.5-mile loop, the preserve offers incredible views of the York River, wildlife habitats and beautiful trees that show their best colors in the fall months.

If you’re a history or Halloween lover, this trail is for you as it features a century old cemetery, as well as a cellar hole that you’re free to explore.

Fisherman’s Walk

Fisherman’s Walk is another scenic trail that offers incredible views of the York River. The trail is known for running into the Wiggly Bridge which leads you into Steedman Woods. As the name of the bridge indicates, it is a wiggly suspension bridge that kids have a great time walking across!

This is an out and back trail that totals 1.7 miles in length and can be hiked by nearly anyone. Many people will bring along their dogs, and even younger children, as you can push strollers along this trail.

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Planning Your Family Vacation

family on vacation

A family vacation is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones while having fun exploring a new place. There are also other benefits that help children with growth and development. A recent study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association reports students who traveled were more likely to be academically and financially successful.

Here are a few tips for planning your family vacation: 

Set an itinerary 

Although you may not have figured out your travel location, it is a good idea to decide what exactly you want to do on your vacation. Are you an adventurous family that enjoys outdoor activities, or more laid back? Start by writing down a few items you would like to so like hiking, fishing, sightseeing, etc.

Save Money 

Planning a vacation is not cheap, and the more family members you have, the more it will cost. If you want to book a trip for the spring/summertime, now is the best time to start putting money aside. Figure out how much your estimated expenses are and then begin setting aside a portion of that on a weekly basis.

Decide Location 

It can be tough to narrow down a location, but if you are looking for adventure or relaxation, there is no better place than York Beach, Maine. As one of the oldest towns in the United States, it offers a cozy atmosphere with exquisite restaurants, family fun amusements, and awe-inspiring scenery. Check out these must-see locations

Book Accommodations 

Once you have a substantial amount of money, you can book your plane tickets/ stay accommodations. Booking in advance can help you save money by getting a lower rate.

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Preparing for Your Next Hiking Trip in Maine

Preparing for Your Next Hiking Trip in Maine Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and help boost your overall health. Taking a hike through nature is an excellent way to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and will also help improve your physical health by strengthening your muscles.

Contrary to some beliefs hiking is not all climbing mountains and hills. There are many hiking trails that range in difficulty making certain trails perfect for beginners.

Here are some essentials you should bring when going hiking:

  • Hiking boots– You will need to select a pair of boots that works best with the kinds of trails you will be hiking. For most beginner trails mid- to high-cut models are great for the average hike. The height offers ankle support which is great for hikers of all experience.
  • Sunscreen: When spending time in nature it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Wearing sunscreen helps to protect your skin and acts a barrier between your skin and the sun.
  • Food & Water: There are many different carrying water bottles and bags for hiking. A hydration pack can be placed in your bookbag which will make it easy for you to carry and allow for a hands-free hike. Pack some easy snacks to much on like trail mix or granola bars.
  • First aid kit– With any physical activity, it is important to protect yourself from injury and be prepared in case a situation arises. Be sure to pack your kit thoroughly. Antiseptic ointment, bandages, and compression wrap are essentials that you should have. Compression wrap is also great to wrap your ankles with while hiking. The compression wrap offers support for your ankles which will give you a sturdier stance.
  • Cellphone: Although we are trying to disconnect from technology, you should bring your phone along just in case you get lost. This is especially necessary if you plan on hiking alone. If you are hiking alone be sure to tell someone you trust where you will be and if possible, share your GPS location with them. This will ensure that if something does happen, someone else is aware of your whereabouts and can help you.Preparing for Your Next Hiking Trip in Maine

When planning a hiking trip in Maine be sure to check Mount Agamenticus Conservation. With over 10,000 acres of coastal forest, this stretch of land is an ideal location for both experienced and novice hikers.

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