Fun Winter Activities Near York Beach, ME

Snowshoeing in Powdery Snow

If you’re planning a trip to Maine this winter to take in the incredible nature and many attractions, consider spending a few days in York Beach, ME.

York Beach and neighboring York are home to natural wonders, exciting outdoor activities and some of the best restaurants and breweries in the state, making it the ideal location to hang out during the snowier time of the year.

No matter if you’re interested in snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating or anything in between, make the smart decision by booking a stay in York Beach.

Skiing, Snowshoeing & More at Mount Agamenticus

If you’re a bit more on the adventurous side, we suggest spending a day at Mount Agamenticus after a fresh snow fall.

Whether you enjoy skiing, snow shoeing, hiking or snowmobiling, Mount Agamenticus offers several exciting trails for these thrilling adventures.

Should these activities sound a little too intense for your party, you can always drive to the summit of the mountain to take in incredible views of the ocean, nearby hills, reservoirs and mountains.

Ice Skating at Mackey Skate Park

Located in York, Mackey Skate Park is home to two ice skating rinks that make for the perfect midday activity during your stay.

The rinks are open throughout the winter (weather permitting) and are completely free to the public.

The smaller rink is perfect for your little ones to play around on, while the bigger rink will typically have a few pickup hockey games going on throughout the day.

A fire pit is located in between the rinks as well when you need to warm up a bit.

Relaxing at York Beach Beer Company

Speaking of warming up, there’s no better way to do so in York Beach then by having a meal at York Beach Beer Company. The brewery is located in an old brick post office that has been renovated into a state-of-the-art facility.

Whether you enjoy a hoppy IPA or something on the lighter side, York Beach Beer CO has something for all beer enthusiasts. Be sure to come hungry, as The York Beach Bucket delivers pizza to those looking for a snack while sipping on their favorite new beer.

When you’re planning a winter trip to Maine and are thinking of staying in York Beach, we ask that you think of us at Sands by the Sea.

Our luxurious motel and vacation suite is just a short distance from each of these attractions and offers spacious rooms, comfortable amenities, exceptional service and incredible oceanfront views.

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Visit These Breathtaking Lighthouses While in York Beach, ME

Nubble Lighthouse in Maine

When planning a trip to York Beach, ME, you’ll want to make sure you see everything it has to offer.

Whether you enjoy relaxing at the beach, having delicious seafood dinners or taking in the natural beauty of the area, your trip will not be complete without checking out the two spectacular lighthouses nearby.  

York Beach is home to the scenic Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light and is just a stone’s throw away from the Boon Island Light, just a few miles off the coast.

These two lighthouses have a rich history and are breathtaking to take in. Make your York Beach, ME vacation complete by viewing both during your visit! 

Nubble Lighthouse

The Cape Neddick Light, better known as the Nubble Light, is a lighthouse located on the large rock island of Cape Neddick, just a few hundred feet from York Beach.    

This lighthouse is one of the most popular in the state and is truly a sight to behold from both water and land. Being surrounded by rocky coastline and featuring a distinctive white color, this islet is considered the most photographed lighthouse in the United States.

Interestingly, the Voyager spacecraft, which holds photographs of Earth’s most spectacular man-made structures in the event of contact with other life forms, includes a photo of Nubble Light, along with images of the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

This lighthouse is still in operation today and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic. A nearby parking lot is open year-round that offers visitors incredible views for photographs or a space to simply relax.

Boon Island Lighthouse

Boon Island Light is a bit more remote than Nubble but is well worth the extra effort to see it. This lighthouse can be accessed by boat and is about 6 miles from the coast of York Beach. It is the tallest lighthouse in both Maine and New England at 133 feet and has a range of light of 19 miles.

Tours are regularly available to the island and offer breathtaking views of this glorious lighthouse along with birds and seals that enjoy the shallow waters around it.

If you’re planning a trip to York Beach, ME in the near future to take in spectacular lighthouses and other local attractions, we ask that you think of us for your lodging needs at Sands by the Sea.

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Planning Your Family Vacation

family on vacation

A family vacation is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones while having fun exploring a new place. There are also other benefits that help children with growth and development. A recent study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association reports students who traveled were more likely to be academically and financially successful.

Here are a few tips for planning your family vacation: 

Set an itinerary 

Although you may not have figured out your travel location, it is a good idea to decide what exactly you want to do on your vacation. Are you an adventurous family that enjoys outdoor activities, or more laid back? Start by writing down a few items you would like to so like hiking, fishing, sightseeing, etc.

Save Money 

Planning a vacation is not cheap, and the more family members you have, the more it will cost. If you want to book a trip for the spring/summertime, now is the best time to start putting money aside. Figure out how much your estimated expenses are and then begin setting aside a portion of that on a weekly basis.

Decide Location 

It can be tough to narrow down a location, but if you are looking for adventure or relaxation, there is no better place than York Beach, Maine. As one of the oldest towns in the United States, it offers a cozy atmosphere with exquisite restaurants, family fun amusements, and awe-inspiring scenery. Check out these must-see locations

Book Accommodations 

Once you have a substantial amount of money, you can book your plane tickets/ stay accommodations. Booking in advance can help you save money by getting a lower rate.

When planning a visit to York Beach, Maine, be sure to book a room at the Sands by the Sea Motel. Located on one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in southern Maine, it is the perfect place to begin and end your day! Call 207-363-2211 or contact us online today!

Interesting Facts About Maine

 portland, maine, usa at portland head light.

Here at Sands By The Sea Motel, we take pride in being a locally owned and operated business. We love to share our knowledge with our guests about the history, local restaurants, and other exciting locations.

Nicknamed, The Pine Tree State, this land is well-known for its plethora of trees among other things.

Here are a few interesting facts about Maine:

  • The official state animal of Maine is the moose. The state is home to approximately 76,000 moose, the highest moose population in the lower 48 states.
  • The official state insect of Maine is the honeybee. The state has a rich beekeeping culture and even has a non-profit organization, the Maine Beekeepers Association, which was founded in 1976 to promote understanding of the insect’s importance. 
  • Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States.
  • 90% of the country’s lobster supply comes from Maine. Before they became the delicacy, they are today, lobsters were fed to inmates and indentured servants, or ground up and used as fertilizer, during the colonial era.
  • Portland, Oregon is named after Portland, Maine. Founded by Francis Pettygrove
  •   Maine is the only state that shares its borders with only one other US state. That state is New Hampshire.
  • Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the East Coast.
  • Maine has its own desert, which spans 40 acres outside the town of Freeport. The desert originally developed as a result of over-farming in the area.
  • The Maine Coon Cat, which is the official state cat of Maine, is the largest domestic cat breed
  • Maine is known as “The Birthplace of Prohibition.” The state was the first to ban the sale and manufacture of alcohol in 1851.
  • Donut holes were invented in Maine. Capt. Hansen Gregory, from Rockport, Maine came up with the hole in the donut after realizing the center of the pastry was not fully cooked in the middle.

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Gifting A Trip to Maine For Christmas with Gift Certificates

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it will soon be Christmas and you will have to buy gifts for your family and friends.

Rather than purchasing appliances that won’t be used or expensive game systems, why not embark on an adventure instead?

A trip is a great gift because it creates lasting memories in a place that the recipient may have never traveled to before.

This year give the gift of an experience with a trip to Maine for the Spring, Summer or Fall.

Paying for the trip

If you have an airline-branded credit card or another card that allows you to rack up miles or points be sure to use it. Your generosity might as well benefit both parties.

If you are going to surprise someone with a trip, be sure to ask them about their schedule ahead of time so that the trip does not conflict with any of their preexisiting plans.

Why Maine?

With historic lighthouses, beautiful sprawling beaches, and authentic lobster shacks, Maine is an ideal location to share and experience with a friend, family member or significant other.

Here are some great locations to visit on the trip: 

The York Beach Bucket– Located right on Short Sands Beach, next to the Sands by the Sea Motel, you will find the most delicious and fresh lobster rolls in town. Fresh lobster meat is delivered daily from the Taylor Lobster Company. Get them cold with mayo or warm with butter.

Nubble Lighthouse– Even if you have never visited the Pine Tree State, chances are you have seen photos of this beautiful and historic lighthouse. While the photos are usually quite beautiful, there is nothing quite like taking in this surreal scene at the ocean’s edge with your own eyes.

Acadia National Park– This “national treasure of Maine” is a premier destination for nature lovers. This park encompasses many different elements which include mountain ranges, hiking trails, and even a beach! 

Enjoy an oceanfront view with comfortable amenities, at the Sands by the Sea Motel! Contact us today to book your vacation for the upcoming Spring, Summer or Fall season.

Sands by The Sea offers standard rooms, 1-bedroom efficiencies, 2 & 3-bedroom cottages and 1 & 2-bedroom luxury condos as well as a luxurious 6-bedroom house with a private pool. This is a great gift to give to a couple, a friend or other loved one. Gift certificates can be applied to any stay at any time.

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Spooky Maine Vacation

Fall is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the mysterious ghost history of Maine. With Halloween just around the corner, there are many different options to learn and participate in a variety of spooky activities. There are many different places in Maine that are said to have been haunted.

If you are interested in embarking on an exciting spooky adventure in Maine, be sure to check out some of these locations:Spooky Maine Vacation  

Wood Island Lighthouse

Featured on the hit television show, Ghost Hunters, the Wood Island Lighthouse has been reported to experiencing a variety of paranormal activities. While you won’t be able to book a tour during this lighthouse’s off-season, you can still visit and walk along the boardwalk as the ocean water crashes along the shore. According to legend, there was an altercation involving a lobster fisherman and a local sheriff which resulted in both of their deaths. It is said that these two souls a still wandering the grounds today.

New England Curiosities

With a variety of different spooky activities, New England Curiosities is a must-visit while touring Maine. They offer group trolley tours of eclectic haunted locations around Maine, tarot readSpooky Maine Vacation ing, psychic readings, and amazing ghost stories. 

Wicked Walking Tours

This interactive tour immerses its participants into the haunted history of Portland Maine. Beginning at Old Port on a cobblestone street, you and your group will enjoy amazing storytelling and historic sites of witch trials, Abenaki attacks, pirates and ghosts. This is a great way to learn of Maine’s “dark history”

After a long day of exploring these haunted sites in Maine relax in your oceanfront view room at Sands by the Sea Motel. The scenic oceanfront views and comfortable amenities is the perfect way to unwind after a particularly chilling day of ghost stories and spooky adventures.

Best Places to Take Instagram Photos in Maine

 Best Places to Take Instagram Photos in Maine

With so many options and places to see while visiting Maine, it can be difficult to fit everything into one trip. The Pine Tree State has much to offer from authentic lobster shacks to beautiful historical lighthouses. Maine has everything for your perfect getaway this Fall. When traveling on vacation, it important to get great photos to share with family and friends via Facebook and Instagram.

 If you are planning a trip to Maine this Fall, check out these must-see scenic places- perfect for that Instagram-worthy shot!

Nubble Lighthouse– Have you even visited Maine If you haven’t seen the iconic Nubble Lighthouse?  While you won’t be able to tour the inside of this lighthouse the view is definitely worth the trip.

Mount Agamenticus Trail– This beautiful trail is a great way to get outdoors, engage with nature, and take excellent photos with amazing backdrops Be sure to visit Mt. Agamenticus, during your trip to Maine. There are many hiking and mountain biking trails on the mountain and at 692 feet above sea level, you’ll be able to see the skyscrapers of Boston.

Marginal Way– Head out for a walk through this scenic coastal trail located in downtown Ogunquit. There are plenty of beaches with benches along the way to relax and take in this breath-taking view.

Old Orchard Beach and PierYou are sure to get a great photo on this busy pier. There are plenty of things to do as you walk through this coastal beach. While there you will find a plethora of bars and restaurants, live entertainment, novelty shops, and more!

If you are planning a trip to Maine, be sure to book your accommodations at Sand By The Sea Motel! This beautiful waterfront motel is the perfect backdrop for flawless photos sure to make all your followers green with envy! Visit Sands By The Sea to check rates & accommodations for your upcoming trip!